About me

G'day. My name's Stephen and I'm here to convince you I know things. I work as a software engineer in Melbourne, Australia and mostly specialise in AWS native applications and deployments.

On my own time, I enjoy GM'ing pen and paper RPGs, playing milsims with my uni mates and playing and writing music. If you really want to have your eardrums blown out, you can find my band's music free on bandcamp and my own short shitposts on SoundCloud

Here's a summary of my previous professional experience:

  • Versent, 2017-2019: Working as a backend engineer, I helped build out toll processing software with Transurban. This was my first exposure to golang and AWS
  • Hitwise, 2016-2017: I was a Java developer with the data development team, working with data pipeline applications and ETL processes.
  • LexisNexis, 2012-2016: My first "real" programming job after graduating uni, I worked with a number of senior engineers to build modelling software using C# and bespoke, proprietary data formats
  • 4D Canberra, 2009-2011: I worked as a sysadmin and IT technician to get myself through university. I assisted in administering a mixed Windows domain and Linux infrastructure within the office, as well as providing general office IT support to external clients.