Some minor changes

Filed under meta on October 21, 2021

As I’ve been at this for a little while now, my blog post folder was starting to get a little difficult to navigate Old and Busted

I’ve added some stuff in Gatsby node to make this a little easier to sort through New hotness

I think this is how it was laid out when I used heroblog, but I’ve only just got around to adding it back in now.

Here’s what I added

posts.forEach((post, index) => {
      const previous = index === posts.length - 1 ? null : posts[index + 1]
      const next = index === 0 ? null : posts[index - 1]
      let path = post.fields.slug.substr(12);
      let date = post.fields.slug.substr(1, 10);

        path: path,
        component: blogPost,
        context: {
          slug: post.fields.slug,
          date: date,
          tags: post.frontmatter.tags || [],
          category: post.frontmatter.category,

I don’t like this too much, since subcomponents have to do some processing to generate the right paths to the articles on their own. Would be better if I could pass that down consistently. We’ll get there, though.

But with that in mind here’s a couple of things I want to do around here:

  • Add desired path to the markdown frontmatter to separate it out from the slug
  • Port my old rival generator over to React and MUI and give it a home here, maybe learn some more React along the way
  • Maybe add some related posts based on tags to the bottom of blog posts
  • Figure out video embedding. I’ve halfheartedly tried a couple of times to get YouTube embeds, but to no avail
  • Eventually have some kind of interactive API or something somewhere to show off what I can do

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