Getting Started with Asterisk

Filed under voip on February 19, 2020

I currently work for a company that deals in call centre software, and until this point I hadn’t really started looking into the VOIP side of everything. I decided I should probably change that

First Order of Business: Set up SIP

The first thing I wanted to do was set up Asterisk, and I thought the best way of doing this would be to set up the basic hello world server from the docs. You can find it on my Gitlab or you can just pull down and run the container using docker run -p5060:5060 -p5060:5060/udp

If you load a SIP softphone like MicroSIP and call extension 100, you should get a short hello world message before it hangs up.

Plans with this

I’m going to take a gander at wireshark and cross reference with the SIP RFC document to see if I can figure this out. As per usual, not being a subject matter expert on the protocol itself makes the spec very dull reading on its own. We’ll see how it develops from there, I’m hoping understanding the technology underpinning frameworks I use such as the likes of Amazon Connect will help me figure out what’s actually possible and where I’m going to run into limitations.