The Important Things

Filed under general on March 31, 2022

I’ve been feeling a little down and snowed under emotionally lately, and as a result haven’t really had the drive to blog about anything. Today, though, things happened which cut through the fog I tend to get when I’m struggling a little.

My morning started at 6:30, when I jumped out of bed and started getting ready. After showering, I noticed that my jeans had blown themselves apart at the seams.

Strike one.

I went to make breakfast, and realised I was out of hemp seed for my normal breakfast. I hate having to improvise that early before I’ve had a chance to read the news and wake up a little.

Strike two.

I then got a lift to the station with my wife, and we spent most of it listening to upbeat music and laughing together. I felt a little better, until I reached the station and realised I’d forgotten to check the disruptions before leaving.

Through a combination of my own stubborness and just woeful replacement services, I ended up waiting an hour for multiple cancelled uber rides before just giving up and catching a train back the other way to a station closer to home.

Strike 3.

However, this was a somewhat blessing in disguise. I hadn’t walked back from that station before, and I was treated to a pleasant stroll past some nicely kept front gardens and some dogs that decided I was their new best friend.

The combination of the early morning exercise, a bit of fresh air and a break in routine lifted the cobwebs a little and put me in a good mood despite the poor start to the day.

I think it’s easy to forget (especially after all the time we were forced to spend in our homes) that we do need to experience new things from time to time, even if it is as trivial as taking a 20 minute walk home. We may have everything we need to survive within our four walls, but not to thrive.

I also had the 20 minutes to reflect on my life. I’ve been extremely lucky, as I have a good job, just bought a nice house in a nice area, have a wonderful wife, and got to get a bit of fresh air before sitting down to work.

Got to remind myself I have everything I need.

Stephen Gream

Written by Stephen Gream who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. You should follow him on Minds